Something a little sensual

XpositionSo I’ve been working on a new sex position called the spider. Neva has mastered it quite well I think. I’ve created a soft and slow tempo as well a faster and hotter version. This animation is the former. I thought I’d show you from this angle first and maybe latter I’ll post the fast version from another angle.

I’ve added a lot of fleshy soft action around her pussy as well as the usual breast jiggle that Neva possesses. This pose is more intimate, allowing for the participant  too look into her eyes and see her body in motion. Also this gives Neva the opportunity to take control of how fast and deep she likes it.

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  1. A long awaited, phenomenal update. Mmmm looks so sweet ♥

  2. Amazing work, so perfectly squishy!

  3. Thanks Dockleaf. More to cum soon.

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