Neva’s smile

NevaFaceBlueShirt2I’m still fine tuning the final look of Neva. She is constantly a work in progress and this was a test render I did some time ago where I was trying to get a somewhat realistic look for her skin and eyes. The reflection in her eyes has been tricky to achieve. I have to change the parameters shot to shot depending on the lighting in the scene. Getting the smile to work also has proven to be a challenge but I’m happy with how she looks in this shot. It’s important to make the eyes look like they are reacting to the smile, so I added a subtle squint to help with that effect. It’s a small amount but if it’s not in there you notice that it’s missing. I hope you like this image.

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  1. Stunning!! Great to see a like minded artist working on this, keep up the great work.

  2. Giving life to 3d characters is a rare thing, I love this to bits.

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