Neva Walking Nude tease

Just a quick lighting test render of Neva walking. I’ll post the animation tomorrow. Sorry for the tease, I know you want to see her naked. Click on the image to see “flash” animationWalkFlashLarge

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    • Hi Lee, This is Poser for the animation.

      • Just poser? Have you guys heard of Iclone 6

        • Yeap, just poser. iclone and daz both don’t have the functionality for creating animation. Iclone is best suited for lowres models utilizing mocap. We needed something that allowed for the use of great models but also had the capability of creating and editing animation, to stop sliding arms and legs etc which is what we see with mocap data. The best animation software to use really is Maya. Blender is good but not as user friendly, and Max is ok but not supported enough by autodesk and their 2016 version is buggy as all hell. XSI will be dead in the water soon so no need learning that. If you’re serious about animating, then Maya is your best bet.

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