Neva the Movie is HERE!

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Well we have finally done it. We’ve re-rendered the whole Virtual Lust Neva film in HD (1280×720) and it’s now a movie. You can now sit back, relax and watch the entire 17 minute masterpiece on any device. I’d like to mention how great it was working with Miro from Affect3d on this project! He helped with rendering and of course marketing the movie so please visit and help us both out and buy the movie.

Also let us know what you think. Did you like the animation, renders, characters, sound etc. And please let us know what you think should happen to Neva next. I have already animated another 4 minutes of Neva and that will be released at some point, but I’d love to hear what you like. Are there any characters from other sites you think Neva should meet up with?

You can buy the APP if you’d like to interact and make Neva moan. You can get her excited by simply touching the screen at any point of the film on the app and listen to her moan in your ear. It sounds fantastic.

Anyway thanks for you support and I look forward to hearing from you.


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  1. I am quite disappointed with my purchase of Neva App (from Affect3D store).

    I had thought it would be more interactive when I saw the trailer. Instead of just tapping certain spots to hear moans with no other reaction from the characters, I thought the game would be more responsive to touch.

    For example, instead of a pre-rendered 3D scene that cannot be interacted with, I would have preferred features like tap and drag to move breasts with the position of my fingers on the screen; using two fingers to spread/close vaginal lips (labia) like how the zoom function on mobile works; using finger to control the insertion/withdrawal of penis from vagina depending on speed and direction of finger motion; flicking the screen with finger to flick the breasts in the scene; instead of just tapping, using finger to caress the body parts with intensity of finger motion causing greater arousal in the character; tapping on breasts to make them bounce, etc.

  2. For that to work, you need to create a live 3D character instead of a pre-rendered scene, so you can have more interaction with the character and also have Neva become like a virtual girlfriend you can interact with in various live ways from a first-person POV. Imagine having sex toys that the user can select; using the sex toys on the Neva character by moving it across/along/into her body using finger motion. Using finger to rub her nipples causing them to erect, moving two fingers together to squeeze her breasts together; using finger to rub her vagina making them dripping wet.

    • I’m loving all of these ideas. Would this be a game or just a simulation?

      • Both. But the point is having better interactivity between user and character. Features like placing a finger (which is represented ingame as a penis or sex toy) on the screen and the Neva character reacting to it, like trying to to touch it, lick it; moving your finger around the screen and Neva following it.

        Basically, a live-render 3D character that is aware of its surroundings and can respond to it. Currently your Neva App is just a movie that the user watches. But I suggest making it more interactive so the user feels like he is actually doing something to the character.

        Other features can be included too, like in a titfuck scene for example: the user places each finger on each breast, and drags his fingers up and down the screen. In-game, this motion translates to the breasts moving up and down while wrapped around the penis shaft. Or the user placing his finger on a sex toy in-game and the speed/direction of the finger movement corresponds to the speed/direction of the sex toy (like a dildo) being used on the character.

        • For the cumshot scene, you can use a real-time fluid physics engine to generate the cumshot. This way, the user can select any spot on the character to do a cumshot and the cum will splatter in a realistic way from any angle in real-time. This is much better than having pre-rendered cumshots that are limited by pre-configuration.

          • If you want some ideas, check out this game coming soon on the Affect3D store.

            It is both a simulation and a game, but it does not have touch interactivity. If you are able to make an app like this but with touchscreen interaction like what I have suggested, then I am certain it will be very popular

          • I agree and I can’t wait for that day to come. We’ve seen many games like that in the past. The only problem is that they are very boring after about 2 minutes and a little creepy. We need to see better interaction and great character development as well.

  3. Hi Eclipse,

    First, let me say that I bought the movies version and was blown away by the quality of the visuals, the model creation, the animation and the character “direction” (i.e. attention to minute shifts in expression – very well observed).

    Frankly, I have been stunned at all the complaints here and on Affect3D about the game. Granted, I can’t play the game version, but I’m not sure what people were expecting. I suppose the VR element lead them to believe this would be a more interactive experience? All I know is that these critics should step back and look at the artistry of this thing and marvel, since it’s way beyond what nearly any other erotic 3D animator is doing. For all the praise heaped on Girlfriends4ever, I think it runs second to Neva. Of course that may have to do with a certain disconnect for me of watching blank-eyed, plastic-skinned 3D mannequins with ridiculously proportioned bodies (not to mention a futa with a cock the size of esteemed thespian Peter Dinklage), mechanically having physically impossible sex.

    Neva is a beautiful creation. Believably sculpted and remarkably “real” while still very much a fantasy.

    My only critique (one I hope you’ll address in the next project) is a lack of story. I know, who wants story with their porn? Well, me, for one.

    What if we get a glimpse of Neva’s life outside of the Virtual Lust world? Maybe she’s serving on a sparsely crewed exploration or science ship. Maybe the monotony of her job and the complacency of her working relationships with the rest of the crew are the reason she spends so much of her free time in Virtual Lust. Maybe her captain is a hard-nosed, humorless woman. And then we find out that the male avatar from Neva’s virtual sessions was not computer generated but was the captain herself, essentially fucking Neva in disguise?

    You have an opportunity to build a world (or galaxy) around this gorgeous heroine you’ve created and I hope you explore that (before the 3D erotica fans start clamoring for balloon tits and horse cocks).

    I know that, whatever you do next, you’ve already got my attention and my money. Congratulations, Eclipse, on an excellent debut!

    • Thanks so much for letting us know what you think about the products. I’m glad you like Neva and I have a great story I wanted to tell and I’m hoping I can sometime soon. We will keep you posted. I’m in the middle of doing tests and I’ll post some ideas very soon.
      Thanks for you support and I welcome ALL feedback, good or bad as it’s only going to help what I do next

    • silentmoebius78

      Absolutly agree.. It is a great game.. I enjoyed playing it..

      Ashyne mentioned a few good points, which could might be integreted, about the interaction and so on.. it would be nice to see, if pressure could intense the stimulation.. Also, it would be nice to touch or stimulate not only on predestined areas of the body.. I for my part do not only touch a girl on her nipples and pussy.. Though Neva reactited to touches on her cheak.. It would be nice to see a facial reaction (like closure of eyes)

      I am absolutly on your page, to see a little story, maybe even with dialog interaction, like in some of the games of BW (hope you know, what I mean)..

      I know, it would be costly to sync with voice actors, but I am sure, if a story based erotic game, as HD quality like Neva, it would pay off..

      Neva is oerfect as she is, but it would also stimulate the expirience, to give the opportunity to create your personal Caradesighn.. Would surely stimulate the Girlfriend expirience..

      I hope, the next steps will go toward VR..

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