Neva Legs Up

LegsUp2Here you go. Thanks for your patience in waiting for the latest in Neva’s exploits in Virtual Lust. You’ve already seen some of the lighting tests that we we’ve been working on for this animation and I did promise you that I would release a sneak peek so you can see how the boobs move for this section. Well here you are and I hope it’s worth the wait and that you enjoy it as much as Neva looks like she is. I’ve finished animating this piece and it goes for about 2 minutes at the moment. I’ve also finished a great POV shot from his perspective which turned out better than expected. It looks so hot, but you will have to wait to see that in the Virtual Lust interactive App we’re developing. You’ll be able to make Neva moan when you agree to her demands, and she is very demanding let me tell you…although she would say they are simply requests. I’ll let you decide.

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  1. Love it when she looks at the camera 😀
    I hope it will take some effort to satisfy her completely. I’d welcome the challenge 🙂

  2. Oh she wants more, After this she takes matters into her own hands.

  3. In the interactive app you try to make her cum (several times) right?

  4. Well worth the wait Eclipse, I bet that extra work you did on her breasts feels good after seeing the full scene play out…nice one. The joy in her face too 😀 fine work.

    • Yeah, I’m happy with how it turned out. Breasts look plastic in poser so it takes some time to make them move correctly, but it’s worth the effort like you say Kevo

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