Movie Version

Big thanks to everyone who has supported us.  I’m now working hard again getting all the files rendered for the movie version, this won’t have the interactivity but you will be able to watch the animation without any interruptions and yes it will be high res and available for pc’s.  After that I think I might lie on a beach somewhere for a while and take a break!

Hope you’re enjoying watching your favorite level every now and again and making Neva moan.

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  1. Great job ! Can’t wait for the release of the movie version. I love beautiful Neva, with awesome details !! Keep on going !

  2. Great job indeed but I was wondering about when I will receive the mp4 version after buying the app on the 19th of may?


    • Thanks very much,

      Sorry for the delay but It’s ready for you know on the Affect3d store. If you bought the apk/mp4 bundle a couple of weeks ago then the new mp4 is up there now waiting for you. Let me know what you think and how I can make things better.

      Great to hear from you

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