Legs Up

shot34promoSo here’s an animation piece I’m working on at the moment. Neva is is being taken gently with her legs being help up in the air. I’ve created some breast morphs that allow for a more realistic undulation. I’ve created this still for you to admire and I’ll try to create an animated gif of the action sometime soon. So keep a look out for that.

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  1. Amazing…love the sink on her breast from laying back. Looking forward to seeing it in motion 🙂

    • Thanks MrKevo. Yeah getting that morph to look realist was a little tricky. The motion version of this needed to have to new morphs created so the breast looks soft, rather than silicon bouncing.

  2. Great work with her expression. Those eyes! 😀

  3. Wow! Looks amazing. Can’t wait for the animation 🙂

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