Happy Holiday Season

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Well what a year. We’ve been in full swing creating exciting artwork and having a great time talking to everyone on our site as well as other different sites. It’s nice to have people like our work as much as we like making it. We felt the need to really get the word out there about what we’ve been doing so posting on sites other than this one has helped gain us a large following.

To help continue getting the word out there about Neva we’re releasing a comic version of the interactive app first. This is the cover page I whipped up last week and we’ll let you know when the comic is available. It should be very close to the beginning of the New Year.

We hope you all have a great end to the year and an even better year in 2016.

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  1. Beautiful shot!! sensual, passionate and very naughty all in one. I do hope you guys plan to let Neva play with the android would love to see what shots/anims would come out of that scenario. Hope you guys had a good Xmas too and wishing you all every success for 2016

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