Glistening Shaft

SpiderEyesClosedHere’s another work in progress. I’m just trying to get the right amount of moisture for this piece. You’ll be able to rub her pussy and touch her breasts to make her moan during this animation.

I’ll post a shot from his point of view tomorrow, once the test renders are done. Sorry for the low res quality of these tests. I’m rendering out Hires versions of these as well. They are 1280 x 720. I was thinking of creating a PDF version for you at some point.

Neva softly being pumped

LegsUpwipStill working on this shot with Neva’s legs up on her partners shoulders while he pumps her softly. This is a work in progress but it’s from the animation for the interactive app.

I’m designing the sounds for this piece as well. Audio is key to making this work. If the audio is over the top, it will not work, so I’m being careful to design the sound so it’s subtle. You’ll be able to touch Neva and make her moan as well.

Neva enjoying the ride

SpiderWipThis is a work in progress. I thought I’d show you what the “Spider” position looks like from another angle. I’ve animated this with Neva enjoying a slow ride and then she picks up the pace and really goes for it. Unfortunately for her partner, it’s a little too much for him and he blows, and I can’t say I blame him. I don’t think Neva minds as she’s ready to cum as well. I’ll show you from his perspective sometime soon. Let me know what you think.


Here’s the animation from an earlier post

Neva rubbing herself while being pumped softly

FingeringThis is a work in progress. I’ve just finished animating this piece where she has requested to be penetrated while rubbing herself. This is the moment where the head of his cock enters her and she moans with delight. The sensation of her rubbing herself and the feeling of being entered at the same time makes her a very happy woman.

Something a little sensual

XpositionSo I’ve been working on a new sex position called the spider. Neva has mastered it quite well I think. I’ve created a soft and slow tempo as well a faster and hotter version. This animation is the former. I thought I’d show you from this angle first and maybe latter I’ll post the fast version from another angle.

I’ve added a lot of fleshy soft action around her pussy as well as the usual breast jiggle that Neva possesses. This pose is more intimate, allowing for the participant  too look into her eyes and see her body in motion. Also this gives Neva the opportunity to take control of how fast and deep she likes it.

Neva Legs Up

LegsUp2Here you go. Thanks for your patience in waiting for the latest in Neva’s exploits in Virtual Lust. You’ve already seen some of the lighting tests that we we’ve been working on for this animation and I did promise you that I would release a sneak peek so you can see how the boobs move for this section. Well here you are and I hope it’s worth the wait and that you enjoy it as much as Neva looks like she is. I’ve finished animating this piece and it goes for about 2 minutes at the moment. I’ve also finished a great POV shot from his perspective which turned out better than expected. It looks so hot, but you will have to wait to see that in the Virtual Lust interactive App we’re developing. You’ll be able to make Neva moan when you agree to her demands, and she is very demanding let me tell you…although she would say they are simply requests. I’ll let you decide.

Legs Up

shot34promoSo here’s an animation piece I’m working on at the moment. Neva is is being taken gently with her legs being help up in the air. I’ve created some breast morphs that allow for a more realistic undulation. I’ve created this still for you to admire and I’ll try to create an animated gif of the action sometime soon. So keep a look out for that.

Artist of the Day



Well if you like Games of Thrones of the Sex and Blood lust or if you just appreciate fine art then you’re going to love this piece by dopaprime. A beautiful piece that shows the personality of Magaery Tyrell in a very sensual way. Be sure to check out more of her work from the Deviantart site.

Both Hands

shot22flareNeva has a talent for making you feel good. Giving a sensual handjob is something that she has perfected so that you enjoy the sensation to it’s fullest. First she teases you with gentle finger touching and soft stroking with one hand, making sure that every part of your cock is taking care of. She progresses to using both hands, slowly and gently massages the shaft and teasing the glands, increasing the pace and the gradually tightening her grip around your shaft. All the while she stares into your eyes, her gaze fixed. She stops when she feels you’ve had enough. Unfortunately you don’t have a say in the matter.