Neva in Command

nevachairsmallAnd we are back! I’ve been busy over the last couple of months with work so I’ve had to finish projects and unfortunately I’ve been neglecting the site. I have however been updating my work on my PATREON site. This is a piece I posted there a while ago and I’ve updated it with a NSFW version as well. As usual I did a lot of post work on this and I’ll be bundling this all of my work for this piece including photoshop files and giving it to my Patron. They can see how I plan, design, pose, render, and then add effects and paint in photoshop. It’s a ton of work for one nice final piece.

I’ve just finished a new animation which I can’t wait to show you. I am still designing a new character and I’ll show you more of where I’m at with “it” soon. So I have tons to show.

Anyway I miss you guys and girls and hope you like this new insert.


Simulation Complete

It’s been a crazy couple of months but the app is complete!  We’re very excited to have it finished and can’t wait to share it.  I’ve had my head down getting it all done and a huge part of that was sound editing.  I am really pleased to have found the perfect voice of Neva – the talented Marie Fasolt (@MarieFasolt), who stepped in and gave us an outstanding performance.  We will show you a video very soon.

The app is complete but there’s still some testing to be done before the official launch.  We’re excited to be working with some fantastic distributors, will keep you posted on release dates.


Neva ConsolNeva leaning over consol

Happy Holiday Season

Comic-Test-CoverPage3smallClick on the image for a larger version

Well what a year. We’ve been in full swing creating exciting artwork and having a great time talking to everyone on our site as well as other different sites. It’s nice to have people like our work as much as we like making it. We felt the need to really get the word out there about what we’ve been doing so posting on sites other than this one has helped gain us a large following.

To help continue getting the word out there about Neva we’re releasing a comic version of the interactive app first. This is the cover page I whipped up last week and we’ll let you know when the comic is available. It should be very close to the beginning of the New Year.

We hope you all have a great end to the year and an even better year in 2016.

Neva’s smile

NevaFaceBlueShirt2I’m still fine tuning the final look of Neva. She is constantly a work in progress and this was a test render I did some time ago where I was trying to get a somewhat realistic look for her skin and eyes. The reflection in her eyes has been tricky to achieve. I have to change the parameters shot to shot depending on the lighting in the scene. Getting the smile to work also has proven to be a challenge but I’m happy with how she looks in this shot. It’s important to make the eyes look like they are reacting to the smile, so I added a subtle squint to help with that effect. It’s a small amount but if it’s not in there you notice that it’s missing. I hope you like this image.