Bedtime Fun


So I thought it would be nice for another tease. Here are a few stills from the latest sequence of Neva in her bedroom. I’ll release an animated gif as soon as I’ve compiled it. As we all know Neva is shy and reserved. What the fuck am I talking about – she is far from that. When Neva wants something, she knows how to get it. Frankly I don’t think this approach would work on me but I don’t mind if she tries.NevaHoneySmall_000NevaHoneySmall_034NevaHoneySmall_113This sequence has an animated camera and animated lens flares. I’ve rendered it out at 1280×720 but I’ll create the gif at about 500 so it runs smoothly. I hope you like the look and feel.

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  1. oh that really looks seductive 😉

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