Topless and stockings

Stockingstopless2Click on her boobs to make her walk

Still trying stuff out. I’m going to loose the hair I think. It’s not quite the style I want next and in fact the look of the character is going to change quite a bit. She’s not going to look like this at this all in fact, I really wan to find interesting sexy clothes for the next project. I don’t like the heels either, I’m thinking the boots looked better.

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bundleneva980x735OK, there are a couple of ways you can enjoy Neva. Firstly watch the 17 minute movie of Neva having sex in the virtual lust program and then after you’re done you can play the movie again on your android smart phone but this time you get to touch Neva and make her moan. She’s a little demanding in the app, so you’ll have to be quick and do what she wants. See if you can master Neva from Virtual Lust. Thanks everyone for your support. I really appreciate it.

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Breast size

small00nude00I’ll post the animation tomorrow but I’m trying out different breast size and animation with different outfits. Some like them large and some like them small. What do you think? These are lo res renders, I’ll take these into octane for better renders later.



So I’m trying out some new characters and outfits for the next installment. If you like this or have suggestions let me know. This has a kind of “Multipass” feel to it don’t you think. If you don’t know that reference then I feel sorry for you. NSFW versions of this will be available soon.

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Thanks for the fantastic support.  The feedback has given us lots of ideas which we’d love to start work on.  As a way to be able to interact with people as we develop new ideas we’ve created a Patreon account, and plan to start posting new work there soon.
If you’re keen to see more of our work and be involved then please support us at
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Neva the Movie is HERE!

bundleneva980x735Click on the image to buy

Well we have finally done it. We’ve re-rendered the whole Virtual Lust Neva film in HD (1280×720) and it’s now a movie. You can now sit back, relax and watch the entire 17 minute masterpiece on any device. I’d like to mention how great it was working with Miro from Affect3d on this project! He helped with rendering and of course marketing the movie so please visit and help us both out and buy the movie.

Also let us know what you think. Did you like the animation, renders, characters, sound etc. And please let us know what you think should happen to Neva next. I have already animated another 4 minutes of Neva and that will be released at some point, but I’d love to hear what you like. Are there any characters from other sites you think Neva should meet up with?

You can buy the APP if you’d like to interact and make Neva moan. You can get her excited by simply touching the screen at any point of the film on the app and listen to her moan in your ear. It sounds fantastic.

Anyway thanks for you support and I look forward to hearing from you.


Movie Version

Big thanks to everyone who has supported us.  I’m now working hard again getting all the files rendered for the movie version, this won’t have the interactivity but you will be able to watch the animation without any interruptions and yes it will be high res and available for pc’s.  After that I think I might lie on a beach somewhere for a while and take a break!

Hope you’re enjoying watching your favorite level every now and again and making Neva moan.