Patreon Rewards

Hi Everyone. Here’s a gif from a short movie I made for my Patreons . Just click on this link if you feel like supporting me

My Patreons are fantastic and really help motivate me to create more Neva content. You can donate as little or as much as you like each month. You’ll receive updated content and for the Sergeant and Captain tiers, you receive a short movie with sound. If you’re interested, swing on by and check it out.

Talk to you soon


This months Patreon animation

click on the images to watch the animation

Sorry to all my patrons for not having my work on Patreon over the weekend. We will have Patreon back up and running by Tuesday. In the meantime please take a look at these animated gifs. I’m really enjoying the organic motion Neva possesses.

I’m just adding sound to the movies so I’ll still email those out to my Sergeant and Captain levels in the next day or so.

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Patreon back up and running on Tuesday

Hello Everyone

So sorry for the inconvenience. Patreon is down for the next day or so. I accidentally posted a nipple shot publicly on the site and they’ve asked me to fix it. It should be up and running by Tuesday. I’ll still email out my animated movies to my Sergeant and Captain Patron so never fear, they are on their way.

Sorry for this accidental nipple shot holding things up. Above is a still of the animation I’ve been making for this week. I really love ‘this action and I may have made Nevas boobs a little too big in this animation. It will be interesting to see what you think

I’ll talk soon


Table Lick

Click on the image for high resolution 

Here’s the latest installment of table action. At the moment I’m working on Neva”s moaning and quivering body. She mesmerized by his style and ability and it’s nice for her to be taken care of once and a while. It’s not easy to find someone with great skill in this area and having someone who can do it properly, just the way she likes it, sends her over the top.

The animated movie for this months Patreon page will be finished soon. Please visit and see what else I’ve been working on. I’ll post some more soon.