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nude_by_haneto-d8d6isgBeautiful erotic art created by Haneto. You can see more of this amazing artists work here

Haneto spends a great deal of time working on the posing and lighting. If you have a look at the other pieces of work you’ll notice the use of cloth and hair to add a softer touch to the art. I love the finger pose in this picture which has this nice delicate feel to it, and the soft lighting also creates the same effect. I highly recommend you take a look. Haneto has published a couple of well crafted comics as well, and I’m looking forward to the latest upcoming comic, due to be released soon.

I keep finding great work that needs to be shared soI’ll post some more inspiring artist works in the next week or so, as I stumble across them. If you find an artist you admire and think I should know about it. Please drop me a line or add to the comments below


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