So for the past month we’ve been working on an idea that would allow us to introduce new characters to Nevas’ world. We are currently designing a female android and we have a couple of ideas that we thought we would share. The first is this version which has a central reactor light. Also in the back of the head there are flickering lights in the brain processors. There are some air vents along the skin and the back of the head is encased in a semi transparent cover. Let us know what you think.


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  1. I’m curious, if only because I am working with an artist on a distinct 3DX project that involves robotics: What model and assets did you use to create this particular android?

  2. Hello Aguinness,

    I’m creating this one myself but I’m using Victoria and the fembot rig as a base. I’ve painted the textures and built the head and neck cover. I have another version to show tomorrow which is different from this one.

    • Huh. Interesting. How’d you make the covers? We’re thinking of using V4/Fembot 2.0 for the rig as part of a scenario, part of the process turning a robot into the main character. The final form was going to be based on Livinia/Adrienne, but this may be a more interesting/natural take if it’s feasible and reasonable.

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