Android Walk Animation

Here’s a lighting test for an Android we’ve created. She is yet unnamed but that maybe something to think about so if you have any ideas please add them to the comments below. I installed some internal lights inside her chest, arms, and legs but I think I may have overdone it somewhat. I couldn’t get this to render with motion blur and I think it may have something to do with how complex the lighting rig is. I’ll need to test with the lights deleted and see if the blur works then.

We’ve been busy putting together a comic and it will hopefully be released soon! Don’t worry, our App is just about finished and we are frantically getting that completed as well. I decided to set this render off last night of the Android walking just to see how it would look and also to give you something to look at. Let me know what you think.

Click on image to see her Animation


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  1. Just about finished…great!! Always a nice feeling to see the project all coming together. Good work!!

    I like her, think she fits in Neva’s little world very well…That bounce too 😀 Love the boots but for me I think she would feel way more sexy if the foot section was morphed into a heel..? I don’t mind the shaved head too as I guess in this sci-fi/future setting the user would probably select a hair style before doing naughty things to her…maybe Neva’s getting a little strap-on action? Hint Hint..Name wise…not sure, Aria? nice female name that kinda fits an android too but thats for you guys to decide, either way the App’s looking great the work on the models is outstanding hope its a HUGE success for you guys.

    • Great notes. Yes this is still in development so we should make changes while we can. Any suggestions on hair?

      • Hair…hmmm, While her shaved head will just be from her WIP state I do kinda see her as a bit of a rebel almost keeping the shaved head but adding alittle more. A kinda Clara Lille from Watch Dogs style…longer tail braided maybe. She is in safe hands though I’m sure she will look fantastic when final.

  2. Damn! cant wait for the release of this no matter the cost

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