Our products can be purchased via Affect3d and MiKandi. Links provided below.

mp4 Movie

Neva mp4 Movie

  • The animation Neva in Mp4 format
  • 720p Resolution
  • Runtime 17:08

Mp4 movie version of ‘Neva’ renderered at 1280 x 720.  Enjoy the 17 minute, high resolution version on any device.


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Neva App

  • App compatible with Android phones. It will work on other android devices but with low resolution.
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Once app is downloaded it needs to sync with server and download all the movie clips – this requires good wifi connection and can take 10 – 15 minutes.  Once the game is fully downloaded the homepage will update with an image and there will be 10 levels to unlock.  Please allow full download to take place before starting app.  See our FAQ for further assistance.


Neva Comic Cover PageIn outer space, Neva yearns for a close encounter. Hot and moist she heads for the Virtual Lust simulator. Wet with anticipation she enters the virtual world of pleasure and starts her odyssey of sexual fulfillment. She begins by giving a sensuous blow job, before moaning with pleasure at being taken with her legs in the air. Join Neva in her erotic ride towards ecstasy. Look out for secret codes in this comic that allow you to view animation.  Open a web browser and add the secret codes to the end of: for example if you see 1p type in this address:


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We are excited to share our Neva interactive app.  As artists playing with technology for the first time and wanted you to experience our art in a more tactile and interactive way. For our first sex-tech we have created an android product.  As with all small art houses we need the support of the 3DX community.  Please support us and let us know if we’re heading in the right direction.

Neva App

“Neva” puts users in the boots of the eponymous lonely woman on a space station in the far future. Like many women before her, Neva has needs and desires, but nobody to share them with. Donning a VR helmet, she enters a simulation that satiates her lust with the help of a virtual partner. In Neva’s world, she is in complete control of her sexuality, and explores it with the utmost satisfaction.

“Neva” an interactive, adult, 3D animated app for androids.

For all you animation lovers, finally there’s an app that combines realistically animated erotica with gaming capability. Jiggle where you want it and animation so smooth you’ll think it’s real. Based on a lonely space station Neva, the luscious heroine, is in the mood to play. When you enter into the world of ‘Virtual Lust’ your goal is to make Neva cum by touching her in all the right places. Each level takes you closer to climax, but watch out if you don’t do as she says, she won’t like it. It’s not all about Neva’s pleasure she’s more than happy to give as good as she gets and you’ll be exploding with her by the end. After all VL’s rule is you come to play but play to cum.