Blue Sweater


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Hello everyone. I’ve been posting some animation tests over at my Patreon site for all of my good friends who are supporting my work. A big thank you to them. If you like to help support me, you can do so just by paying $1. That’s all I’m asking. I’m not greedy because I want as many people as possible to be able to take part and contribute.

Android Internal Neon

AndroidTestJust another lighting test. I’ve added internal neon to see what she looks like on the inside. I thought it was a nice looking effect. I’ll render another version of this walking with the house lights off but leave the neon on and see how that looks.

Topless and stockings

Stockingstopless2Click on her boobs to make her walk

Still trying stuff out. I’m going to loose the hair I think. It’s not quite the style I want next and in fact the look of the character is going to change quite a bit. She’s not going to look like this at this all in fact, I really wan to find interesting sexy clothes for the next project. I don’t like the heels either, I’m thinking the boots looked better.