Patreon Update – Slow and Steady

Here’s a test render of something I’ve posted on my Patreon site

For just $1 per month you can see all of the animated gifs I’ve created up until now and for $5 per month you’re emailed your own High res movie file of the same animation with sound. If you feel like supporting me, please head on over and become a patron. It will help go towards me making the next installment of Neva.

Click on image to see High res

Test Renders of Latex Outfit

VirtuallustJoggingS2I’ve spent most of today creating transparency maps for this outfit. The renders took some time but it’s looking really cool. I’ve run a poll over at my Patron site and the kind guys and girls have been debating between Two outfits. One with straps and the other which is latex/rubber ( this one). You get to see her nipples and pubic hair through the latex.

I really want to get the octane render plug-in so I can render these a little better. That would mean upgrading as well which isn’t a bad thing. They have new upgrades every other month and it seems to be improving speed etc.

Anyway head on over to my patreon site and take a look at the jogging renders.