Test Renders of Latex Outfit

VirtuallustJoggingS2I’ve spent most of today creating transparency maps for this outfit. The renders took some time but it’s looking really cool. I’ve run a poll over at my Patron site and the kind guys and girls have been debating between Two outfits. One with straps and the other which is latex/rubber ( this one). You get to see her nipples and pubic hair through the latex.

I really want to get the octane render plug-in so I can render these a little better. That would mean upgrading as well which isn’t a bad thing. They have new upgrades every other month and it seems to be improving speed etc.

Anyway head on over to my patreon site and take a look at the jogging renders.





Blue Sweater


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Hello everyone. I’ve been posting some animation tests over at my Patreon site for all of my good friends who are supporting my work. A big thank you to them. If you like to help support me, you can do so just by paying $1. That’s all I’m asking. I’m not greedy because I want as many people as possible to be able to take part and contribute.


lazeevaWe’re excited to be launching Neva on a new adult app store, Lazeeva.  They are on a mission to add positive pleasure to your life – something we like the sound of, and we think Miss Neva will be quite at home on their Sexy – Sassy – Classy site with hand-picked apps that stimulate your mind and tease your senses.


Neva in Command

nevachairsmallAnd we are back! I’ve been busy over the last couple of months with work so I’ve had to finish projects and unfortunately I’ve been neglecting the site. I have however been updating my work on my PATREON site. This is a piece I posted there a while ago and I’ve updated it with a NSFW version as well. As usual I did a lot of post work on this and I’ll be bundling this all of my work for this piece including photoshop files and giving it to my Patron. They can see how I plan, design, pose, render, and then add effects and paint in photoshop. It’s a ton of work for one nice final piece.

I’ve just finished a new animation which I can’t wait to show you. I am still designing a new character and I’ll show you more of where I’m at with “it” soon. So I have tons to show.

Anyway I miss you guys and girls and hope you like this new insert.